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The Comparative Buyer's Advantage

Agency Media Buyers and Account Managers should regularly be presenting their stakeholders with evaluations of new advertising tools. These folks may indeed be brilliant in their fields, but are not necessarily tied into the latest communication tools and certainly not overly familiar with the trade-offs of different varieties of advertising. Today’s topic is how do you balance a valuable analysis and transparency with simplicity and time management?

Media Link Software’s founding principal is to facilitate an in-depth cross media analysis in a way that allows users to communicate their findings easily. Our proposals follow a consistent format that to make it easy to find the core statistics of a buy. Our cross-media reports make it easier to plan entire budgets by comparing campaigns for TV, Cable, Radio, Print, OOH and Digital on an apples-to-apples basis.

When working with someone who maintains a limited familiarity with advertising, it is best to focus your presentation efforts on the core questions. Your careful tactics to maximize the use of their budget must continue in order to justify their successful efforts, but all you need in our scenario is to establish the work you are putting in to ensure the best interests of the stakeholder. You can touch on a few examples of what you are doing, but the details of how that works is an inefficient use of time.

The first thing you need to establish is what this element you are proposing is and where can somebody access it. Images are particularly useful. It is difficult to forge buy-in if some parties cannot picture your idea. Once your image is established it is easier for them to understand what you can deliver with your recommendation.

Second, you want to establish how much is spent. You do not want to overwhelm them with statistics to the point where they are not even sure what of the amount of their investment. If you are talking to a marketing manager this is an entirely different story.

Last, clearly state what they are getting in return. It will vary depending on the situation, but it is usually best to pick a single key metric like impressions or conversion value to direct your focus. Media Link Software® helps guide this structure without limiting your choices. By keeping the focus on a single primary metric, it is easier to paint a picture they can work with while maintaining just enough flair to share with the stakeholder to underscore your expertise and how you can help.

If you wish to go into greater detail about how to maximize your presentations with Media Link Software® call our team.  Our staff uses the software daily as well and are happy to talk and/or arrange a FREE demo.

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