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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

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The Comparative Buyer's Advantage


Ad Buying Software Developed By Ad Buying Experts

Frustrated with the limitations and deficiencies found in other leading media buying systems, Media Link Software™ founder, Natalie Linville-Mass, decided to tackle the problem head-on with the creation of her own advanced media buying software. Now advertising agencies have a new alternative to consider.  Media Link Software™ enables fluid clarity and confidence in your buys, with no cumbersome workarounds.

Media Link Software™ was developed to provide media buyers and advertising agencies with the tools they need to serve clients with optimal effectiveness.  In addition to automating the process of planning, tracking and follow–through on media buys, our ad buying software also makes post-buy analysis possible for all clients, regardless of their size. Media buyers can also prepare reports comparing all advertising options, both traditional and online, in a side-by-side comparison with Media Link Software's™ multi-media reporting tool. Our system is set up on the basic principle that each buy in each medium is determined by Reach, Frequency, CPP/CPM, GRP, Share and Population.  These standard industry formulas can and should be put into every comparative buy in each media.

Keeping annual licensing fees affordable was another goal when developing our easy-to-use ad buying software. What incentive is there to remain loyal to a product when your longevity is met with hidden fees and yearly rate increases?  Media Link Software™ seeks to reward those who invest in our product by making sure you know exactly what your costs will be now and in the future.

The idea is innovative: No annual price increases. Minimal technical difficulties. No tedious hand calculations. Just accurate, affordable, easy-to-use ad buying software.

Join us in improving your media buying process.  Please email us at to see a demonstration of how our easy-to-use ad buying software works.

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