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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

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The Comparative Buyer's Advantage


User Friendly Media Buying Software For All Your Ad Placement Needs

Now you have a choice in media buying software systems. Advertising agencies and internal marketing departments choose Media Link Software™ for effective, time-saving ad buying software and media planning software. Our ad placement software provides the ad planning functionality you need to improve your productivity and your profit margins.  Here are a few of the advantages of using an ad buying software product like Media Link Software™.

Multi-Media Report

Perform a side-by-side assessment of marketing campaigns across multiple advertising outlets with our multi-media report function. You can easily compare Reach, Frequency, Cost-Per-Thousand, Gross Rating Points, and Gross Impressions for selected orders to examine the overall impact of an entire campaign.

Create Your Own Markets

Don't subscribe to ratings services or only buy limited markets? Media Link Software™ can sidestep this limitation by allowing you to create markets using data found on the U.S. Census Bureau website. Just plug in the specific demographics, household and population numbers to build your own personalized market.

Set DayPart Goals

Media Link Software™ helps those placing TV, Cable or Radio buys with weighted day parts stay on track by allowing you to make goals before you place your order. Indicate the percentage of your campaign's budget and the Gross Rating Points you want allocated toward these goals and use the "Compare" function to see how close you are to hitting your mark with our "Goal Comparison" chart.

Built-In Client and Vendor Database

Enjoy unlimited client and vendor storage capacity, with the ability to pre-populate information into correlating forms and reports.

Created for Agencies by an Agency

This unique perspective allows us to recognize and understand the deficiencies found in other leading media buying software systems and work to close those gaps, resulting in a stronger overall ad buying platform.

Efficient Media Buying Software

When you have access to smart, accurate data, you’ll impress your clients with your advanced knowledge of advertising planning. The precision and ease of use gives you the advantage of more time to seek and maintain business opportunities. With detailed information about the media at your fingertips, you can respond quickly to your clients’ needs. The built-in memorization tools make it easy to change media plans on the fly. Your media buys will speed along as Media Link Software™ fills in the blanks.

Easily Find Program Ratings and Share

Media Link Software™ provides the information you need for all your advertising planning needs with media planning software. Our media buying software works with your licensed Nielsen or Arbitron surveys and accurately calculates program ratings and share for the demographic of your choice in your market.

Reach, Frequency, Cost Per Point…

Media Link Software™ provides estimates on the reach and frequency for all of your advertising campaigns in every medium.  We use transparent and media specific reach and frequency formulas. You can accurately plan your customer’s advertising budget and provide them with a precise report on the campaign’s cost per point (CPP) and cost per thousand (CPM).

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