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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

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The Comparative Buyer's Advantage


Affordable Ad Buying Software For Media Buyers

The Comparative Buyer's Advantage
$4,000 PER YEAR
Annual license fees with Media Link Software® are $4,000 annually. To reward your commitment, we guarantee your license fee will not increase throughout the term of your license.
• This doesn’t mean our software will remain at $4,000 a year. It means that if you sign up with us now, your annual fee with us will remain at $4,000 annually.
Monthly: You can pay by monthly payments equal to one-twelfth of the annual license fee, plus taxes. These payments will be invoiced monthly at a rate of $333.34.
• Annually: You can also pay for your license fee upfront annually and receive a $250.00 discount.
• 3 Year: By signing a 3-year agreement with Media Link Software®, you will receive $125 off your total annual rate plus taxes.
• 5 Year: By signing a 5-year agreement with Media Link Software®, you will receive $250 off your total annual rate plus taxes.
Sales tax is determined by the State where the end user resides.
• All web training and technical support are at no additional fee. We do offer on-site training for a fee of $500 per day by a Media Link Software® representative to conduct training at your office. This fee does not include travel expenses.
• Additional usernames, outside of the three usernames and passwords provided with every account are an additional $50 per month per user.
• Individual vendors and customers can be added on your own at no additional charge. Media Link Software® can add your initial vendors and clients. We would need to charge an additional $.50 per entry from the Excel format provided.
• With a five-year Media Link Software® contract, your account can be programmed to become compatible with an invoicing or accounting system currently used by your agency. An additional $50 per month fee for the length of the contract will be issued for this service.
The following section only applies if you currently have a subscription to Nielsen.
• All third-party user fees (e.g. The Nielsen Company) paid or incurred by Media Link Software®, as well as correlating reports, shall be billed on a regular basis by Media Link Software® and paid by the Customer.
• For Media Link Software® to work with your Nielsen data, we are currently charged a third-party user fee and Nielsen increases this rate by 6% each November. While it is necessary for us to share this expense with our clients who subscribe to these ratings services, it is our goal to keep these third-party fees as low as possible.
• The more users we license who subscribe to Nielsen, the lower the annual third-party processor fee is for each subscribing agency.
• We will re-evaluate this fee on November 30th of each year to determine if and how much the fee can be reduced.
Right now, we need to charge each agency who subscribers to Nielsen TV and/or Radio $1,430.00 annually, plus the individual Nielsen fee according to the gross sales of your agency as listed below, as well as the Media Link Software® base fee.
• After November 30th, 2019, Media Link Software® will re-evaluate this fee. If, say, we double the number of agencies with Nielsen subscriptions who have licenses with us, we can cut these additional third-party Nielsen processor fees in half or those who subscribe to Nielsen TV/Radio would pay $675 annually, plus the individual Nielsen subscriber fee, as well as the Media Link Software® base fee.
• Media Link Software® will continue to re-evaluate third-party processor fees each consecutive year to keep your costs as low as possible.
• The Nielsen Company  requires Media Link Software® pass through a per-agency fee, based on each agency's annual gross receipts to the Customer. This individual Nielsen subscriber fee is as follows and shall be paid by each agency. Please note this rate increases by 6% every year. The size of this fee is given to us by Nielsen based upon that subscribers’ billings range and what they are purchasing from Nielsen.

Nielsen Table

* Supplemental Reports includes County Coverage and Special ViPs, each as and if published by Nielsen.
• Please note, these third-party costs are in addition to Media Link Software® user fees and any subscription fees charged to each agency by Nielsen for the markets to which each agency subscribes.