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The Comparative Buyer's Advantage

The punditry has been proclaiming the demise of the print medium for almost a full generation now. It’s still here in a myriad of forms, though, and remains its relevance as a material source of news and entertainment. We at Media Link Software® made sure media planners can effectively incorporate publication components in their marketing strategies to take advantage of print’s smaller, yet still impactful, reach.

Under what circumstances is print still a good choice?

  1. Print is relevant when targeting homogeneous niche markets. Trade and specialty publications are prime examples. Readership is highly committed to their cause or industry, so they appreciate any support from businesses. There is usually a good opportunity where you can tailor your message to the specific topic of the issue to make the ad more impactful. Promote your prime rib in “Food & Wine” or your networking event among the apparel industry’s trade publications.
  • Non-profits often benefit from print advertising. The local theater provides programs or a neighborhood association hands out newsletters. Sponsoring non-profits through print ads has become an elegant way to support your community and to promote your message in a cost-effective way.
  • Nothing says “established business” more than a print ad in the local newspaper. Not only will your ad appear next to useful articles, your contribution will support local journalism. Readers appreciate the gesture and value print ads more than the dozens of display ads appearing on their screens daily.
  • Readership may be higher than expected. This happens when people collect and share non-profit publications like programs. Other publications like health-related magazines will stay at your MD’s office for months and change many hands before disappearing. Be informed about the circulation and true readership, since many print publications are delivered to publicly available spaces without charging any fee.

Print advertising has shrunk, but this may actually make it so much more special and readers will reward you for your positive contributions for non-profits, industry experts, journalists and the passionate hobbyist. Media Link Software® will aid you in making this possible. 

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