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The Comparative Buyer's Advantage

When a planner is designing his/her media mix they are presented with a host of different options. Media Link Software® emphasizes integrating a cross media analysis.  One area we continue to support is the Outdoor/OOH (Out-of-Home) market. While it may be as old as the concept of advertising, outdoor can have a very impactful place in many budgets.

OOH advertising shines when the analysis uses the Cost-Per-Thousand (CPM) metric. Acquiring impressions through this medium can be incredibly affordable through the use of billboards, mass transit advertising and signage at larger events. If your efforts are about building Top-of-Mind-Awareness (TOMA), OOH is a suitable strategy in both rural and urban markets. OOH also can be influential when it is placed close to key points of interest, because of the opportunity to act as you drive by the location.

According to Entrepreneur, “people spend so much time in front of screens now that real-life advertisements have more power than they used to. […] when they see a billboard, street sign or other eye-catching object, they take a moment to look. For brands, that moment makes the difference between irrelevance and interest.”

Outdoor campaigns are relatively simple to construct, but nonetheless absolutely deserve the same level of attention given to other media to ensure a cohesive budget and build stakeholder alignment.  Contact your OOH vendor, request a list of available inventory with metrics, identify the best locations and evaluate according to the available locations and CPM. Media Link Software®’s mapping tool makes this even easier by automatically placing color-coded pins in a map. This feature is especially valuable for presentations.

Those interested in learning more about how Media Link Software® integrates across media types or different buying philosophies, please contact our team at or 207-212-5465.

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