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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Media-Buying Software That Makes Sense

You know media buying. Our software makes it easier.

Media Link Software is an easy-to-use system designed to create the most efficient ad placements.
Our intuitive system tracks all forms of media and creates invaluable cross-platform reports. Some of our best features include automatic invoice checking, a tracking system for multiple generations of make-goods, and post-buy analysis.

Media Link Software was designed by agency buyers to fit media experts' specific needs. With the right tools, you can empower clients to succeed by providing accurate media guidance.

Media planning software is a tool second only to your knowledge and expertise. It should encompass all of today’s advertising options, save you time, and be available for a reasonable, sustainable cost. We have seen the cost of media-buying software continue to rise year after year, while its overall utility remains stagnant.

In response, Media Link Software aims to be your choice for affordable, accurate media-buying and media-planning software. It will save time and enable effective comparative buys for cable, TV, radio, print, OTT, outdoor, and every variety of digital advertising.

To see a demonstration, email us at For more information, visit our Contact Us page at A Media Link Software representative will contact you to schedule your custom, guided webinar.



MLS has always focused on assisting deep analysis and negotiation for buyers. Now with MLS 2.0 that process is faster and more flexible than ever before.


Campaign Management

Communicate your ongoing success through MLS 2.0's flexible ordering and reporting tools.


Post Flight

Upload and auto-check your invoices then easily track the progress of your make goods.