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Making a Print Buy with Media Link Software® and The Publication Module

By Peri Berg | Mar 30, 2023

Print advertising is still an effective platform for media buys and can still stand toe-to-toe with newer forms of advertising. Over the years, print has gone through many changes due to the rise in technology and digital advertising. This has included more personalization, integration with digital media through QR codes and URLs, and a shift…

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Data Visualization in the Media Buying Industry

By mlsadmin | Oct 2, 2018

Big Data is one of the many buzzwords we encounter. Contrary to some, big data is indeed an area vital to the development of businesses and the economy as a whole. Modern technologies allow us to collect specific information about (potential) clients’ behaviors and daily routines. The result are spreadsheets full of data points and…

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Multi-platform Reports

By mlsadmin | Oct 20, 2017

Earlier this year, we talked about how transparency and documentation reduce mistakes and create trust necessary for productive business relationships between agencies and clients, and agencies and vendors. Being able to create (multi-platform) reports becomes essential in this regard, which is why Media Link Software™ allows you to download and print a variety of reports.  …

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Circulation and Readership

By mlsadmin | May 18, 2015

As a (soon to be) college graduate, interning at an advertising agency has been an enlightening experience. One of the bigger takeaways I’ve had is the different vernacular used by media buyers and those selling media. The two that really stood out to me were “readership” and “circulation”. They originally seemed like they could be…

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Custom Markets

By mlsadmin | Jan 16, 2015

Media buyers who subscribe to ratings services like Nielsen know those subscriptions come attached with a pretty hefty price tag. Coupled with license fees for media buying software, purchasing multiple markets can quickly become an overwhelming annual expense. Most smaller to mid-size agencies simply don’t have the extra funds available to justify such an expenditure,…

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