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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software


Analysis Tools

Use MLS' easy-to-use analysis tools
to wow your clients by getting them
with every buy.

Plan Across All Media

Evaluate your options from TV and OOH to print and digital — all in one platform.

One-on-One Support

You will have free, unlimited one-on-one training and support with an agency buyer who uses the system every day. 

Save Time

Speed up your process by importing avails, automatically checking invoices, and utilizing our make-good tracking system, our first of its kind. 

Digital Integration

Compare your digital options along the same terms as your traditional buys for a better, more coordinated budget.

Flexible Reporting

Take your complex web of options and show your clients the information they care about most with ease. With Media Link Software, opacity is a thing of the past.



MLS has always focused on assisting deep analysis and negotiation for buyers. Now with MLS 2.0 that process is faster and more flexible than ever before.


Campaign Management

Communicate your ongoing success through MLS 2.0's flexible ordering and reporting tools.


Post Flight

Upload and auto-check your invoices then easily track the progress of your make goods.