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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

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The Comparative Buyer's Advantage


  1. What kind of media buys can I organize with Media Link Software (MLS)? Media Link Software can be used for TV, cable, theater, radio, outdoor, print, online, and specialty media campaigns involving collateral materials (t-shirts, pens, etc.).


  1. Do you offer demonstrations of your software? Yes, we offer customized webinars free of charge. MLS licenses include training sessions and unlimited customer support.


  1. Is MLS able to reconcile broadcast invoices? Yes, MLS compares uploaded station invoices to the original order stored in the system or to a live version of the order that contains make-goods. Incorrect spots will be marked and you have the opportunity to insert comments to create customized reports.


  1. Can MLS create customized reports? MLS creates proposals, orders, summary reports, cross-media reports, monthly reports, list of avails, schedules, and post buy reconciliation. Your data can also be exported into Excel for additional customization.


  1. Can you tell me more about vendor management? Vendor information can be uploaded manually or with the help of our MLS team. Once a vendor is added, they are readily accessible whenever you need them moving forward and you can adjust vendor profiles at any time.


  1. Can you import my old customers and vendors information?  the Media Link team will be able to reformat your excel data and load it into your license for an additional fee of 50 cents per entry. Many agencies prefer to ad customers and vendors themselves as they become relevant. The MLS team will walk through that process with everyone.


  1. What is in a MLS cross-media report? Cross-media reports allow you to evaluate and summarize campaign performances across multiple media. You can customize reports by including or excluding campaigns and includes metrics like Reach, Frequency, CPM, CPP, Gross Impressions, Number of Spots, and Cost.


  1. I have clients with different commission rates. Can you help me keep track of that? Yes, we can create multiple commission rates in the cost center tab. You can also change the commission rate in individual campaigns as well.


  1. Can I create a report to show me what ran this past month or what ran for this past year for a client Yes, with MLS you can run a report to show what orders ran throughout a month in all media or in any specific medium. You can run individual reports to show what you’ve run for a year with an individual client or for all of your clients.


  1. Why do I need MLS’s Avails functions? MLS allows you to upload complete station avails, instead of having to manually insert selected programs. You are able to access information instantaneously and conveniently to compare several stations’ complete avails. The avails function allows you to manipulate program information manually and to print customized reports for presentations or for your records.


  1. How do I track campaign performance? Daypart goals are available to you while you produce a proposal and allow you to keep track of your goals by daypart and GRPs. Once you upload your campaign metrics, MLS will automatically calculate other appropriate parameters, including CPM, CPC, CPV, CPP, GRP, and others. Manipulate any input and identify the most relevant changes in campaign performance. Customize performance reports online and print/email them within seconds.


  1. What is the benefit of creating markets? With our system you are able to target precise audiences within unique demographics. Creating your own market allows you to use your own market research and consequent data, instead of having to rely on external estimates. This flexibility provides a competitive advantage by allowing you to pin point the most effective strategy for any market.


  1. What does MLS export that I can show to my clients? All tables are exported into Excel.  Documents commonly brought to client meetings include: individual vendor proposals/orders, summary orders reports, cross media reports, full avails, monthly scheduling reports and post buy reconciliation reports.


  1. Does MLS have an invoice reconciliation process for broadcast? Yes we do. We have a separate tab for importing affidavits.   You are able to import invoice pdfs from the stations, then the system automatically matches the spots that ran to your order. You can then assign explanations for spots that ran incorrectly and produce a report to begin your make good negotiation process.