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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Data Visualization in the Media Buying Industry

Big Data is one of the many buzzwords we encounter. Contrary to some, big data is indeed an area vital to the development of businesses and the economy as a whole.

Modern technologies allow us to collect specific information about (potential) clients’ behaviors and daily routines. The result are spreadsheets full of data points and many questions. Visualizing Big Data can provide a quick and intuitive understanding about behaviors, trends, and correlations. They allow us to focus on certain facets and to answer each question one after the other.

Needless to say, we at Media Link Software® are contributing as well! You are now able to add precise longitude and latitude information to billboard data. This allows you to create maps with the precise locations of any outdoor inventory you choose to display.

The map enables pinpointing available locations in areas your target audience frequents most. Use additional maps with household information to sketch the perfect strategy for your client and print out a professional map to easily visualize your campaign strategy. Media Link Software® still enables you to sort and analyze data to come to the most cost-effective solutions, and this feature will certainly make you stand out and save all the time of manually pinning locations on maps.

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