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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Multi-platform Reports

Earlier this year, we talked about how transparency and documentation reduce mistakes and create trust necessary for productive business relationships between agencies and clients, and agencies and vendors. Being able to create (multi-platform) reports becomes essential in this regard, which is why Media Link Software™ allows you to download and print a variety of reports.


Proposal and Orders

Proposals and orders include typical client and vendor information, instructions, disclaimers, performance metrics, flight/spot data, and pricing information. They make sure everybody knows exactly how much was ordered when, how, and for how long.

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports provide an overview of a campaign’s monthly performance. Not only can these reports be used for accounting and invoicing purposes; they can also summarize a campaign’s impact. Monthly reports enable you to immediately access relevant information whenever you or your client needs them.

Cross-media Reports

Cross-media reports are powerful tools when it comes to organizing, implementing, and evaluating multi-media campaigns. Thanks to Media Link Software™’s ability to translate different media metrics into one standardized system, multi-media reports make sure you can compare sub-campaigns utilizing different kind of media. In a world of endless advertising possibilities, this information is key to cost-effectiveness. Cross-media reports allow you to create documents summarizing every aspect of your campaign for documentation purposes and as reports for clients.


Media Link Software™’s innovative multi-platform reports are characterized by intuitive navigation, customizable formats, and quick access. Call 207-212-5465 to learn more.