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What's changing in Media Link Software?

New Features

Sep 26, 2016

We are proud to announce the new features we’ve added to Media Link Software™ this month. We have added Gross Impressions in as a column for Broadcast avails, as well as in our orders and proposals. The next new feature is a bit of a magic act. You now have the ability to make columns…

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Importing Avails and Invoices

Jul 19, 2016

Interning at Media Link Software™ is a great experience. Most of what I am doing during my time here involves equations, numbers, and matching. I have been tasked with assisting in the research of importing affidavits directly into the Media Link Software™, so clients might save an immense amount of time. Manually submitting invoices and affidavits is…

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Media Link Software introduces its newest member

Jun 21, 2016

Welcome Marketing Assistant, Ben Wildner, to our Media Link Software team. Ben graduated from Drake University with a BSBA and double majors in Marketing with a concentration in Integrated Marketing Communications and a second major in Radio/TV Production. He originates from Muskego, Wisconsin, and is quickly becoming a part of the local sports scene as…

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Why have media buying software?

May 23, 2016

Media buying is not an easy task. At Media Link Software™ we understand Media buys and the needs of the media buyer. In this competitive market place having the ability to access data and make analyses quickly and efficiently can make a huge difference in the success of a marketing campaign. Developed by an agency…

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Learning Our Software

Apr 15, 2016

Since the beginning Media Link Software™ has been made to be as intuitive as possible. From start to finish, campaigns are easily managed. Everything from adding campaign details and avails to checking your affidavits is as easy as clicking on the next tab. Consistency is another key part of Media Link Software™. The way you…

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Powerful and Flexible

Jan 20, 2016

Media Link Software™ is a Media Buying Software that is both powerful and flexible.  The power of this software lies in its ability to facilitate ad buying in every media: television, cable, radio, publication, outdoor and online. You can even include special promotions and sponsorships in the specialty advertising section. Using unique media buying formulas,…

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Mac vs PC

Dec 17, 2015

Not only is Media Link Software™ web based, our software is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. The ease of use across both systems allows for the user to be mobile and flexible with their location and computer while putting together proposals and orders. Also, you don’t have to worry about converting to…

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Watch Us Work Hard for You

Nov 18, 2015

We have recently added a new feature to Media Link Software™:  the Heat Map. The Heat Map is a visual map enabling you to track our work on the software. For instance, we just recently added new options for Radio and TV stations in avails and improved CPP and CPM calculations. Many of these changes…

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Newest Addition to the Team

Jun 18, 2015

We proudly announce our newest addition to our Media Link Software™ team: Marketing Assistant, Adrian Wille. After years of living in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, Adrian decided to settle here in the Quad Cities in late 2013. He is an MA graduate with an economics, business and marketing background.  His strategic…

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