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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Importing Avails and Invoices

Interning at Media Link Software™ is a great experience. Most of what I am doing during my time here involves equations, numbers, and matching. I have been tasked with assisting in the research of importing affidavits directly into the Media Link Software™, so clients might save an immense amount of time. Manually submitting invoices and affidavits is an extremely tedious task that takes time and patience, especially with a large order. In order to import these documents effectively, I need to extract data and match all of the different variables through different formulas in Microsoft Excel®.

Much like interpreting different spoken languages and their many variations, there are many variables to consider. Since affidavits are all formatted in different ways, something as small as having a “Mo” for Monday instead of “M” can cause complications. It is my job to reconcile those complications and work through the different styled invoices in order to extract and match all the necessary data.

Working on this process has been fun and enlightening. I have learned more about Microsoft Excel® in the past few weeks than I had in all of my schooling up to this point. Although my internship involves Media Link Software ™, I have been introduced to the field of marketing as well. The limited marketing work I have done has expanded my knowledge of the field more than I could have ever hoped to learn.