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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Powerful and Flexible

Media Link Software™ is a Media Buying Software that is both powerful and flexible.  The power of this software lies in its ability to facilitate ad buying in every media: television, cable, radio, publication, outdoor and online. You can even include special promotions and sponsorships in the specialty advertising section. Using unique media buying formulas, Media Link Software™ provides calculations for ratings, reach, frequency, CPM/CPP, as well as the other important industry measurements.

Media Link Software™ also provides flexibility, so different agencies can report the way that they want to report. You decide what to display and what not to display in your proposals, orders and reports. You also have the flexibility of using these tools, alongside your Nielsen subscription or the ability to import avails and information from the stations in markets where you do not have a subscription. And due to the fact that Media Link Software™ is web based you can access your information anywhere you have an internet connection!

All of this means our advertising placement software lets you do your media buying your way!