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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Welcome, Grey!

Media Link Software is thrilled to announce our newest Marketing Specialist, Grey Allison. Welcome to the team, Grey!

Grey is an internationally published artist and writer with a B.F.A. in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design. This unique major provided her with skills spanning creative writing, comic art, storyboarding, branding, and self-promotion. Her specialty is weaving content into a narrative structure. “Humans crave storytelling,” she asserts. “Sharing our experiences, and hearing others, is how we form connections.”

Following graduation, Grey moved to Portland, Oregon. As a member of the comic art collective Helioscope Studio, she contributed to iconic titles like Flash Gordon and Daredevil. Her versatile skillset attracted clients such as Dark Horse Comics, Amazon, and the United Nations. She has also achieved success in copywriting and branding, with projects ranging from crowdfunding and social media campaigns to scripting and storyboarding advertisements.

As a user of many art and design apps, Grey has a keen appreciation of the software design at Media Link Software. “It helps corral the daunting amount of data involved in media buying,” she explains.

Grey currently resides near the Village of East Davenport with her partner and three spoiled housecats. She continues to take freelance comic work and enjoys horror movies, pro-wrestling, and D&D night with friends.