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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Agency Software Created by an Actual Agency

As agency professionals, we know one of the first questions we often ask clients is “What makes your product or service different than your competitors?” For Media Link Software®, this answer is the very core of our product. Media Link Software is a media buying platform created FOR agency professionals, BY agency professionals. Media Link…

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Streamline Your Digital Buys with Media Link Software®

We understand media buying demands precision, efficiency, and seamless integration across various platforms. Media Link Software ® is changing the game in the digital landscape, offering a digital module to help media buyers plan, execute, and analyze their digital buys. With these different digital capabilities, our software provides media professionals ease in navigating the complexities…

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Maximizing Success: A Glowing Testimonial from One of Our Customers

In the fast-paced world of media buying, having a reliable tool and extended resources is essential for maximizing successful marketing campaigns. Lisa O., a lead strategist at her agency, shares her experience, validating the support Media Link Software® provides to professionals in the field. Lisa’s testimonial highlights two important qualities of Media Link Software®: their…

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Welcome, Lila!

Media Link Software is thrilled to announce our newest Marketing Specialist, Lila Siering. Welcome to the team, Lila! Lila is a graduate of Knox College where she majored in creative writing, double minored in studio art and philosophy, and recently received her B.A. in June of 2023. Writing has been Lila’s passion for as long…

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Welcome, Megan!

We are so happy to announce a new member of our Media Link Software Team! Please join us in welcoming Megan Cox! After moving back to the Quad Cities with a Bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Iowa, Megan transitioned to a managerial role from Sephora to Enterprise Rent-A-Car, further enriching her professional experience.…

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A Look Back On Our Anniversary

It’s been 12 years since Natalie Linville-Mass founded Media Link Software®. We’ve told the MLS story before, and it’s worth telling again. Media Link Software President, Natalie Linville-Mass, never intended to be a software developer. She was a veteran entrepreneur of a different kind. She ran a marketing agency and just wanted a media buying…

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Custom Markets

We occasionally write about the origin story of Media Link Software®, because the company was born of necessity. Media Link Software President, Natalie Linville-Mass, founded the company because she was running a marketing firm and the software she used couldn’t do what she needed, so she started her own software company. One of those features…

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TV Advertising Buys in Media Link Software

Media Link Software President Natalie Linville-Mass never intended to start a software company. She started Media Link Software because she ran an advertising agency and needed more flexibility in her media buys. The software she needed didn’t exist, so she invented it. It’s no surprise that one of the best features of the TV module…

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But How Do I Make a Radio Buy? An Introduction to The Radio Module with Media Link Software®

Header Image: Microphone with radio waves, The Radio Module

The Radio Module is a powerful tool used to reach a large and diverse audience. This medium has a broad listenership across different demographics, including age, gender, and socio-economic status. Radio advertising offers several advantages, such as cost-effectiveness, immediacy, and flexibility in targeting specific genres through different stations, programs, and time slots. It can also…

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