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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Welcome, Megan!

We are so happy to announce a new member of our Media Link Software Team! Please join us in welcoming Megan Cox!

After moving back to the Quad Cities with a Bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Iowa, Megan transitioned to a managerial role from Sephora to Enterprise Rent-A-Car, further enriching her professional experience. Recognizing her desire to blend her artistic abilities with marketing, she is currently pursuing a Master’s in Digital Marketing at Northern Illinois University.

“I like that my work and school naturally complement each other,” says Megan. After earning her Bachelors, diving into the world of digital advertising has been a longstanding goal of Megan’s. “As a marketing strategist, I am given the chance to tap into my creative side while applying what I’ve learned throughout these past few years. It’s been a mix of consistent exposure to new projects, team collaboration, and rewarding experiences to help me grow professionally.”

Megan says, “Since starting, I’ve noticed what makes Media Link software so cool is its innovative approach to seamlessly integrate cost effective and strategic solutions in media buying to make sure businesses reach their desired audience for the best price. I thrive on the challenge of finding the best rates for advertising placements, while witnessing the direct impact on business growth. The smiles and gratitude received for our work at Media Link Software is such a rewarding feeling.”