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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

An Intern’s Perspective (Blake)

Working with Media Link Software® (MLS) made everything much easier than I was thinking it would have to be.  It became so easy to create anything from TV avails to advertising proposals.  A lot of work has gone into getting the Software to work properly and without all that work organizing campaigns would take much longer to do.  Media Link Software® allows for that one stop where you can create all the campaigns you want to be able to create campaigns for outdoor, TV, and even online and publications.  I had no prior experience setting up campaigns or creating proposals, so MLS made it very quick and easy to learn where everything is and how to do everything.

It was also exciting to see the team getting feedback and using it to make improvements on a regular basis. This truly shows the benefit of utilizing a smaller software company, because the MLS team is able to provide customer service on a personal level and also use constructive feedback to develop updates benefiting all MLS customers.