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An Intern’s Perspective

In the classic movie Good Will Hunting, Will was a kid with a genius level IQ and nothing could get by him. When discussing art on a park bench with his therapist, Michelangelo was brought up. Will would probably know everything about the artist; his artwork, political aspirations, relationship with the Pope, etc. Then his therapist told him that he does not know what Michelangelo’s work is really like because he has never actually experienced what it is like to be inside the Sistine Chapel and look at the artwork and take in the atmosphere. Now I am not saying I am a genius or master at marketing by any means; the connection I am trying to make here is that you could read every marketing book from front to back, you can listen to every communication lecture offered, but you never know how important and useful the information is until you go out to implement and experience it for yourself.

That is exactly what my time spent at Media Link has done thus far. It has given me great experience. Media Link put me in situations where I had the opportunity to take lessons I learned at Augustana and apply them in a professional setting.

Through the use of Media Link Software™ it became very apparent that marketing is not just something we “do”. You can’t just run one ad in a newspaper and hope to be successful. Ongoing campaigns with good reach and continuing frequency are required if you want more customers in your business. It is an ongoing process that requires a critical analysis of the target market and how to best appeal to them.

I learned that Media Link can find out where a company stands brand wise and what needs to be done in order to get them to where they want to go. Maintaining and keeping track of all the ads that are being run on all of the mediums was once very monotonous, but with the help of Media Link Software™, managing advertisements is more clear-cut than ever. Using it was difficult at first because there’s nothing like it out there, but it is a very beneficial tool to use once you get the hang of it.

None of my class assignments ever had me making taglines or slogans for a company, I only read about it, so when I was given that task it was new to me. I thoroughly enjoyed thinking about the product and tossing around words, phases and ideas to try to find the best way to appeal to the consumer. It was satisfying to know that my words could be the next tagline for this company’s product. It was fulfilling because what I said helped bring business into a local restaurant and the words on the billboard could have convinced someone to stop in the restaurant where I indirectly helped them eat the best meal of their lives.

Media Link might be a small business, but is has a big business mentality.  They have their hands in everything. From posting Facebook statuses for a Doctor to running TV campaigns for restaurants.  Media Link is there with the know-how to get the job done. My internship here at Media Link has provided me with useful experience to further the skills and knowledge I will need to be successful in my future endeavors.


** This blog was written by Mike Tortorelli, student at Augustana College and former Intern at Media Link, Inc.