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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Flexibility in Outdoor Advertising Scheduling with Media Link Software

Flexibility isn’t just important in yoga and gymnastics, flexibility is important in our businesses, and a key to the success of Media Link Software. No two agencies are exactly alike, and Media Link Software builds in flexibility to give users control over how they use the software to best fit their own needs. This flexibility is apparent in our Outdoor Module.

The vast majority of outdoor advertising is the humble, yet effective and ubiquitous, billboard. Advertising on billboards includes a set of parameters most of us know well. Media Link Software pulls in current population and demographics data based on the location of a billboard. You can then dive deeper into the location by estimating how many eyeballs will see that billboard on a morning or evening commute and which side of the road or highway the billboard is on. 

Know one knows their market better than you. Media Link Software recognizes this and allows you to take the supplied data and add your own parameters. U.S. Census data is incredibly useful, but you may also know that a certain location in your market is more likely to be seen by the audience you need for one client over another. You can customize your ad buys to your own parameters as much as you want, then present as much or as little information to your client as you deem necessary. Flexibility is key.

There are other forms of outdoor advertising, and Media Link Software allows for customization in the Outdoor Module. If you’re in a market that has high pedestrian traffic and thus has a lot of smaller scale street level advertising such as posters and bench advertising, you can input that data into the software and customize it for your ad buys in your market.

Heck, since it’s the holiday season, you could even use Media Link Software for outdoor ad buys in the clouds to get eyeballs on ads from kindly old elves who fly by on sleighs pulled by flying reindeer.