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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Internship Experience: Tan

I have been a software developer intern for Media Link Software® (MLS) since the summer of 2017. The focus of my internship is working on the back-end to improve MLS features and efficiency.

I am having a wonderful experience working with the Media Link Software® team. All the people in the office, from my supervisor to the coworkers and other interns, are very friendly, professional, and helpful. They not only help me learn my job in the internship program, but also help me be more confident in the working environment.

In this internship, my main focus has been improving the structure of Media Link Software’s® website and software. Occasionally, I work on fixing bugs and implementing enhancements to improve the web functionality and speed. Through my internship, I am learning a lot about Computer Science. I improved my PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and HTML skills and I am learning how to use different software like MAMP Pro or WampServer to create virtual servers. One of the greatest things I’m learning is to work with my technical leader and other software developers. I have a chance to apply a lot of the knowledge I’m learning to my coursework at Augustana College and into my field.  This includes as using a Git-based software like Source Tree to managing our code, to applying the Agile development into our coding process or using design patterns and commenting when developing the program to improve the readability and maintainability of the code.

Thanks to the internship, I realized I have achieved most of the goals I set at the beginning of this summer. First and foremost, I have learned more about the field of my major that I could not have learned in my classes. I have learned about web development, coding and maintaining code in a professional working environment, and have learned different aspects of coding relevant for the media buying industry. Second, I was able to apply what I learn at Augustana College and my knowledge about Computer Science in general into my job. Last but not least, I have always wanted to work in a professional environment and to experience working efficiently in the Computer Science field after graduation. This internship has not only helped me achieve these goal, but has helped me be more confident about the field I chose.  In my opinion, this internship had been one of the best experiences I received so far in my learning process. Personally, I am really excited knowing I can actually make an impact with my knowledge and skills. I am looking forward to seeing how I can progress working on Media Link Software® as my internship continues.