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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Make Goods Made Easy

Make Goods can be stressful things, but Media Link Software™ helps facilitate the process for media buyers.  Creating a Make Good in our software is similar to creating an order, but EASIER.  A few simple clicks is all it takes and your Make Good report is ready to go.  Media Link Software™ allows you to add spots to an order to accommodate those that were missed and ensures your money is spent as originally agreed upon.

For our team personally, the ease of use for this process was a blessing while trying to follow the trail of Make Goods from this year’s political season.  Sometimes, nearly whole schedules were pre-empted.  If you’re a media buyer, I’m sure you’ve been there.  Media Link Software™ makes it easier to reconcile those spots.  Additionally, our software stores all the avails you initially entered and negotiated so you can refer to those rates and ratings when approving (or not approving) a station’s Make Good proposal.

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