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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Make the Most of Outdoor Advertising

Summer is here. People are spending less time in front of screens, and more time outdoors. It’s the perfect time for many agencies to ramp up their outdoor advertising schedule, and Media Link Software® can help.

The truth is outdoor advertising is an effective method throughout the year, not just in warmer months. The most common and effective form of outdoor advertising is the time-tested billboard. Media Link Software® helps make outdoor campaigns even more effective by providing campaign customization and demographic data, so agencies can get the most from their campaigns.

Whether your outdoor campaign utilizes space along highways, pedestrian avenues, or somewhere in between, it’s vital you reach the appropriate demographics for the campaign. Media Link Software® provides that information for you. The software pulls in current population and demographics data for the location of each billboard, allowing you to determine the best locations for each of your campaigns. If you’re advertising a coffee-related product, for example, getting eyeballs on your billboard during a morning commute is key. 

Your agency is different from every other agency and you’ll run your outdoor campaigns in a different way from other agencies. That’s why Media Link Software allows you the flexibility to control your outdoor campaigns to fit your own needs. You can customize your ad buys to showcase as much or as little information as you need for each situation. This saves time and prevents unnecessary data overload.

As always, if you have questions about the outdoor module, or any other facet of Media Link Software, please get in touch. We’re happy to provide a free one-on-one demo of the software and show you all it can do for your agency.