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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

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The Comparative Buyer's Advantage

Media Link Software® analyzes full media plans to maximize the impact of advertising funds. We make a point of maintaining our modules for Print and Out-of-Home/Outdoor, in addition to those for TV/Radio and Digital. One subcategory of advertising which sometimes get overlooked is advertising through local non-profits.  So, this month’s blog will address whether those…

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What is more valuable: 10,000 individuals exposed to an ad three times, 100 clicks on an ad or 5 acquisitions? How do you reflect the value of these different metrics of advertising and compare them with each other? Evaluating Media by CPM (and explain what CPM is) Comparing media proposals by CPM or Cost Per…

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Most agencies offering media buying services are paid on a percentage basis.  This means their customer pays the agency for the advertising schedule purchased and then the agency pays the advertising vendor the net cost of that schedule.  The amount that the agency keeps is many times referred to as a commission or fee and…

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