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Take Back Your Time with MLS Formulas

“Time Is Money.” We’ve all heard this phrase written by Benjamin Franklin when he first coined the aphorism in his essay “Advice to a Young Tradesman.” It’s a truth that still rings true today, and one we often forget. Many of us try to do too many things. Sure, if you have a mechanical aptitude, you could learn to fix your own car. But is it the best investment of your time? For those who truly enjoy that sort of work, sure, but for most of us time lost to such an endeavor will cost us more in the long run than paying a professional mechanic to do what they do best, while we spend our time doing what we do best. What does this have to do with Media Link Software? Our formulas help you reclaim time that would otherwise be lost. And as Ben Franklin taught us, time is money.

If you’re just getting started with formulas, then it’s worth taking a look at our basic formulas here. Not every user will make use of every formula, but it’s a good place to start. You’ll quickly discover how powerful it is having these formulas at your fingertips, and how much time you can save in your business by using formulas. The software is powerful and flexible. Using unique media buying formulas provides calculations for ratings, reach, frequency, CPM/CPP, as well as the other important industry measurements.

For more examples of how to use formulas, see our blog from 2019 on how to calculate rating points from impressions, use the search box to look through our other blogs, or get in touch to schedule a personal demo. We’d love to show how you could use formulas to save time, make life easier, and make more money.