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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

May 2013: ad placement software pricing

We set up our pricing to reward you for working with us and to make sure we fit in with your budget for years to come, no matter what your size.

Here are a few of the steps we’ve taken:

As one of the newer entries into the media buying software field, we are working to steadily build our customer base.  Media Link Software’s™ annual license fee is currently reduced to the lowest cost operationally possible as an introductory offer.  This pricing is for a limited time only and for subscribers who sign up now.  Once this offer expires, even our regular price is significantly lower than our competitors’ pricing.  With comparable, and even improved features over our competition, the choice is simple.

As with all media buying / ad placement software, Media Link Software™ needs to include all third-party user fees in our invoicing, like Nielsen or Arbitron.  While it is necessary for us to share this expense with users who subscribe to these ratings services, it is our goal and intent to keep these third-party fees as low as possible.  The more users we license who subscribe to Nielsen/Arbitron, the lower the annual third-party processor fee will be for each subscribing agency. We re-evaluate this fee at the end of each calendar year to determine if and how much it can be reduced.  The Nielsen Company also charges Media Link Software™ an extra smaller fee, per agency, based on each agency’s annual gross receipts. Our policy is not to profit off of these extra fees.  Again, our goal is to incentivize loyalty; not penalize our long-term customers.