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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

A Year In Review

It’s been a remarkable year here at Media Link Software™, and this month we’re excited to celebrate not only the one-year anniversary of our media buying platform’s official launch but also our 11th year in operation as a full-service advertising agency.  We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us throughout our endeavors and all those who have offered their valuable feedback on our proprietary media buying system.  We stand behind the fact that our platform was built for agencies BY an agency and we look forward to watching our software grow with each new development.

Join us now as we take a moment to reflect back on some of the more noteworthy highlights of the past year and take a sneak peek at what’s up-and-coming.

*Hide Zero Week Columns In Order Reports

Pick and choose which weeks you wish to display in your order reports before sending them off to your clients and account reps.  This helps save space when creating annual orders and comes in handy for hiding weeks with zero spot counts.  Along those same lines, we’ve made it easy to customize ALL your Media Link Software™ reports – just look for the special eyeball (those who have seen our software will know what we’re talking about).  If you haven’t had the chance to check out our software, it’s time to schedule your webinar!  Hey… we had to get a plug in there somewhere, right?

*Tweaks To The Order Process

We at Media Link Software™ are committed to keeping the communication channels open between our team and our licensed software users.  We’re pleased with the valuable feedback and suggestions we’ve received not only from those currently using our software, but also from those who have scheduled webinars with us.  As a result of these discussions, we’ve tweaked the order process so it’s more user-friendly, streamlined and efficient for YOU!

*Exporting To Excel

Oh, the dreaded Excel spreadsheet.  The mere thought of the word sends a shiver down our spines.  However, we recognize there may be instances when media buyers wish to use this tool alongside our software.  Media Link Software™ is programmed to export data and tables within the system to Excel with the simple click of a button, should the need arise.

*TV, Cable & Radio Rankers

Easily define the top media vehicles for your demographic in a given market by pulling rankers to see a side-by-side comparison of how each station stacks up in the selected target market.  Our platform enables top-performing stations to be sorted chronologically based on ratings or CPP.  These ratings are uploaded automatically into our system for users who subscribe to Nielsen or Arbitron or can be obtained from media vendors for those who don’t.

*Post Buy Analysis

This feature was still under development when we first launched our software. Media Link Software™ users who also subscribe to Nielsen and Arbitron now have the ability to perform a post buy analysis in a matter of seconds.  Not only does this allow media buyers to hold stations accountable for reaching at least 90 percent or better in projected ratings, but this process can also aid in the selection of a stronger media mix if certain outlets continue to underperform.

*Monthly Totals

This new feature appears within each individual order report and calculates your gross and net totals, GRPs and spot count per station for each month of your overall buy.  The option to hide this summary table exists, as well, so you determine when you wish to display it.  Keep in mind this new table supplements previously existing functions within Media Link Software™, as the ability to view weekly and overall totals was already in place.

*Under Development: Copy/Paste Function When Creating Orders

We’re working out the kinks in this one right now, as the ability to copy and paste spot counts from week to week currently exists but needs some fine-tuning before it’s fully operational.

*Under Development: Billing Reports

This one’s currently in the works by our savvy programmers, so stay tuned for future updates.


Please email us at to see a demonstration of how our software works.

You can also submit the form located on our “Contact Us” page  A Media Link Software™ representative will contact you shortly to schedule your webinar.