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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Buying By Gut

Media buying software provides numerous advantages over ad buying without software. Buying media with Media Link Software™ helps advertising agencies do the following:

– Maximize marketing dollars with strategic media buying software.

– Store vital information and enjoy peace of mind utilizing a secure web-based server.

– Negotiate smarter buys using industry formulas for reach and frequency.

– Sort Nielsen subscription ratings data for more accurate projections.

– Save time and resources required to process orders.

– Gain more effective campaigns and happier clients from the data-driven decisions you can make with this product.

Buying by Gut

You’re prone to missing great opportunities beyond the ‘usual suspects.’ This usually results in too much money into certain programs and compromising your frequency. Media Link Software™ removes the guesswork and sorts programs based on their actual performance in your target demographics. Buying by gut is highly subjective and can be influenced by the media consumption habits of the buyer. Media Link Software™ lets the numbers do the talking, sometimes highlighting programs or day parts you may not have considered. Our process scrutinizes the performance of each program, letting each program stand on the merits of its ability to deliver your audience.

Buying by Hand

This process requires cumbersome workarounds and labor-intensive manual tasks. Many of these tasks are avoided with a comprehensive media buying tool like Media Link Software™. It’s extremely challenging to account for the changing media landscape. With Media Link Software™, you know how programs are trending BEFORE you buy. Buying by hand requires buyers to re-enter population, circulation and vendor data with each and every buy. Media Link Software™ automatically remembers the details and keeps you from re-inventing the wheel with each buy. It also reduces the opportunity for human error, thus reducing the chances of costly and embarrassing errors impairing the effectiveness of your advertising.

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