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Industry News: Online Video Ads

We all know online ads are becoming more and more dominant year by year.  This especially applies to online video ads!

Industry experts expect the viewing of videos on fixed devices (desktop, TV, etc.) to rise by 2% in 2017 (averaging 18.6 minutes per day). Annually, the spend is expected to reach the $15 billion threshold.

Viewing videos on mobile devices will rise by an astonishing 35% in 2017 or an average of 28.8 minutes per day. Annually, the spend will reach up to $12 billion.

These figures clearly mirror the fact that videos on fixed devices are still more expensive due to the perceived higher quality of viewing on larger devices.  However, the amount spent on mobile videos is already expected to surpass fixed devices in 2018 due to growing inventory!

Advertisers will not only have to make sure their videos are formatted appropriately; they might also need to consider changes in creative and strategy. A 30 second video ad on a fixed device might seem acceptable, but 30 seconds tends to be perceived much more interrupting on a mobile phone. Shots that work well on a desktop, might not work well on a small mobile phone. Having two versions of the same video appears to be a costly, yet an important solution.

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