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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

An Intern's Perspective

I came into my internship for Media Link Software ™ a timid and inexperienced college student. I did not want to ask too many questions because I felt it would look bad. I was wrong. I was blown away by the support and experience I gained in my short time with the company. I could not have asked for a better work environment and colleagues for an internship experience.

My main task was researching ways to import affidavits into Media Link Software™. First, through trial and error I attempted to standardize affidavits so that the pertinent information for each different one could be extracted and matched into the software. This took me a long while to figure out, but with the support of the staff and our programmers I was able to complete the task. While attempting to find a way to have these affidavits be imported, I learned how to do invoicing and importing avails into the software. I have also learned office etiquette and proper communication among coworkers, and most of all I have grown as a person through this experience.

My internship with Media Link Software ™ has taught me valuable new skills and techniques to help me in my professional career, allowed me to see how to properly network myself. My summer with Media Link Software ™ is coming to a close, but I will never forget this great opportunity and learning experience.