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Media Buying in the Digital Realm – Challenges Ahead

CPC, CPM, CPV, CPA, etc. Most media buyers know what to look for when it comes to buying digital; however, bidding models have been becoming more and more versatile over the years. About time for a brief update on the digital ad landscape and its bidding models.



Facebook video ads can now be purchased on both a CPM and CPV basis. Facebook defines views using a 10-second threshold. Their new canvas ads use a CPC model, which counts how many people are opening the ad, but you won’t get charged if someone clicks a call-to-action button within the canvas ad.


Instagram offers two different kinds of video ads: newsfeed video ads similar to Facebook’s and stories video ads that appear within Instagram stories. Instagram stories ads charge you when an individual gets redirected to your website.


Promoted posts and followers campaigns are using the CPC model – you get charged for every single new follower. Website card ads also use the CPC model, but you get charged for every click directing people to your website, instead. Awareness campaigns are exclusively utilizing the CPM model, yet video views campaigns charge you either per 2 second video view or per click to watch in full screen.


Snapchat video ads are utilizing both the CPM and CPC model. A click is defined as an individual swiping up on the ad and beingg directed to a website. Counterintuitively, a click on the ad will actually completely skip it. Although Snapchat doesn’t charge per view, you will have access to data about the number of views similar to YouTube’s.


Pinterest’s promoted pins have been utilizing the CPC model and they just introduced promoted video pins on a CPM basis. Pinterest is currently working on one-tap pins (leading people back to original Pinterest page), promoted app pins (for app installs), and cinematic pins (quasi videos made out of pictures).


More flexible and diverse ads and bidding models create great opportunities for media buyers; however, being perfectly aware of how each media is defining terms like clicks and views has become a challenge in itself. Staying up to date with these developments is more relevant than ever before.