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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Media Buying Systems: Making Your Decision

At Media Link Software, we understand that selecting a media buying system is a big decision. Media buying software is expensive, and most available media buying systems require long-term contracts. Furthermore, media buying systems have different features, and don’t all support the same types of media. Worst of all, the companies that create media buying systems don’t seem to want to share how they reach their numbers, leaving the math behind the ad buying process a mystery.

Being an advertising agency ourselves, we understand these frustrations with the available ad buying software. Which is why, when we built Media Link Software, we made sure that the cost was much more manageable and that we included every type of media: Cable, TV, Radio, Publication, Outdoor, Online, and even Specialty advertising.

We also committed ourselves to being completely open about how we achieve our calculations. “Industry standards” can only exist if there is industry-wide communication about how ad buying calculations should be done.

So to learn more about how we made Media Link Software the most affordable, most comprehensive, and most understandable media buying system on the market, please call us today for an online demonstration, (207) 212-5465.