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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Monthly Reports

We’ve been making steady changes and improvements to our media buying software over the past couple months and one we’d like to cast a special highlight on is the recent addition of a Monthly Totals table.  This new feature appears within each individual order report and calculates your gross and net totals, GRPs and spot count per station for each month of your overall buy.  The option to hide this summary table exists, as well, so you determine when you wish to display it.

Keep in mind this new table supplements previously existing functions within Media Link Software™, as the ability to view weekly and overall totals was already in place.

It is our intent to also extend this functionality by pulling those monthly numbers out of individual reports to use in other ways within Media Link Software™.  Before this can happen, our savvy programmers have a few additional steps to work through to ensure seamless operation within the system.

Keep tuned for other updates to our software in recent months to come.

Please email us at to see a demonstration of how our software works.

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