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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Online Improvements

Building an online campaign within Media Link Software has recently undergone some changes and improvements to help you, as a media buyer, best evaluate your options. Online is a continually changing field and Media Link Software is continually evaluating their system. As a media buyer, having more statistics than less is a good thing and our software calculates GRPs, CPM, and CPP for online campaigns as well as print, outdoor, TV, cable, and radio.

The user is able to enter information such as monthly unique users, estimated impressions, clicks, and views. The software, in turn, calculates the Reach, Frequency, and a handful of other pertinent numbers (see the table below). Without getting too complicated, the user is able to calculate Cost Per Click, Cost Per Thousand, Cost Per View, and Tenancy campaigns side by side.

You also have the ability to hide these fields in your insertion order. If the client doesn’t need to see Time on Site or the Gross/Net Cost Per View, you can hide them from printing, eliminating any clutter. The Insertion Order itself is completely customizable and can be presented specifically to your client’s or your needs.