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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

MLS ad buying software adds Post Buy Analysis

Media Link Software™ ensures you’re not leaving any money on the table by offering media buyers the ability to engage in our Post-Buy analysis, a new feature our programmers recently added to our cutting-edge system.  This function allows you to generate a report comparing the actual ratings of your buys to the original projections so you can effectively measure the performance of your purchased schedule.  Most station partners will agree to Post-Buys, as long as you give notification prior to negotiation.

Any Gross Rating Points (GRPs) owed to you by stations failing to reach at least 90 percent or better of the projected ratings in a buy are clearly outlined in our ad buying software’s Post-Buy report.  Post-Buy analysis not only holds stations accountable for delivering the estimated audience, but can also aid in the selection of a stronger media mix if certain outlets continue to underperform.

Once an order has reached Media Link Software™’s approval stage and after you compare your entire schedule against the station’s affidavits, you can then generate a Post-Buy.  Simply select the appropriate survey book and dates to filter and begin your assessment (i.e. See Example A below).

*Example A

Your Post-Buy analysis begins processing as soon as you click “Query” and is ready within minutes (i.e. See Example B below).  Media Link Software™ then displays your purchased schedule’s actual ratings alongside your original projections, so you can pinpoint exactly where your buy fell short or achieved your projections.

*Example B

Media Link Software™ then allows media buyers to produce an overall Post-Buy Report, which sums up the total GRPs owed to you by partner stations and indicates whether the Post-Buy standard of 90% in ratings was met.

Please email us at to see a demonstration of how our software works.

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