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Reach and Frequency Calculations – Credit Where Credit is Due

Empirical analysis. Statistical logic. Algorithms. This is the language of Reach and Frequency formulas — a language spoken by our Director of Research and Development, Salil Kalghatgi. I want to take a moment to recognize his work, because Salil was instrumental in getting to the bottom of these formulas and helping us create a cutting-edge tool for advertising agencies.

Salil came to us with a background in math and an interest in marketing. This has been the ideal combination for helping us turn these algorithms inside out. He was able to speak with numerous professors and professionals about Reach and Frequency and understand their input.   He then customized and improved on formulas for each and every medium.

This has been a huge undertaking, and it’s an ongoing process. I’m proud of the results. We have an innovative, modern and elegant product that gives agencies a choice.  So kudos to Salil, and thank you for a job well done!