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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Specialty Item Tracking

We’re all about the details here at Media Link Software™. It was our goal upon initial development of our platform to produce an entirely comprehensive end product. The wide selection of specialty products available today can compliment other marketing efforts and be directly distributed to your target market. So, why is this advertising outlet continuously overlooked in other systems, when it’s something agencies and organizations buy on a regular basis? We wondered the same thing.

Now you can toss all those cumbersome spreadsheets once used to monitor your specialty buys and simplify your orders with Media Link Software’s™ easy-to-use tracking and ordering process. Our system ensures your agency’s forms are branded and consistent, so you’re not re-creating the wheel with every order. Additionally, since vendor information can be permanently stored within Media Link Software™ and pre- populated with the click of a button, you bypass the headache of entering the same specialty item details over and over again with each new buy.

Those who purchase large quantities of multiple items simultaneously will appreciate our “status” function, which allows you to track the progress of each item based on where it is in the production process (i.e. Artwork Needed, Proof Approved, etc). Adding this simple yet valuable feature within specialty campaigns serves as a quick reference tool when monitoring your buys.

Fully editable fields also allow you to add additional notes and instructions about your orders, as necessary. Plug in a “Date Received” once your products arrive and enjoy a smooth buying process from start to finish.

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