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The Twitter Effect

Organizing paid media campaigns requires time and attention to detail. We segment our target audience, carefully select appropriate platforms and start weaving through our options. The creative concept becomes a final ad or spot and the research and planning of your media outreach results in placed orders. Let’s take a moment to enjoy the campaign launch.

Now, it’s time for our friends in social media! They are the infantry spreading the word online, creating hashtags and responding to comments. Thanks to Twitter and company, everyone can immediately communicate their opinion publicly and for everybody to see. The temporary change of the IHOP chain’s name to IHOB to promote their burgers is a prime example.

Once the story hit social media, the entire world felt the need to share their opinion – including competitors. Some applauded the creative minds behind the campaign, others ridiculed IHOB’s efforts. In any case, the news spread and the nation quickly learned about the new burgers.

Long story short, paid media campaigns now benefit from a strong social media component. This is especially true if they have an innovative and almost scandalous element where competitors won’t be able to resist throwing some shade by giving their two cents.