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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Understanding a Software

By: Zack Wheeler

Sometimes it can be scary trying to learn something new.  On the first day I started my internship with Media Link, they said they created their own software that they work with every day.  I was a little nervous.  I am a marketing major, not a computer science major, and sometimes learning new software can take me a while.

As I started to be assigned projects and shown how to use the software to finish my projects, I began to pick up this software very quickly.  By the time I was just a couple of weeks into my internship, I was able to take on an assortment of different projects because the software saves previously created information for future use.

After about eight weeks my internship was coming to a close and I was offered the opportunity to continue working with the company.   Shortly after the next set of interns began to arrive I understood Media Link Software enough that I could actually train the new interns for different projects.

Now heading into my senior year it’s getting close to a year from my first day as an intern.  Now I am a Marketing Assistant at Media Link Software and one of my major roles is assisting in the sales and distribution of Media Link Software.

From the start of my internship almost a year ago, I had never worked with Media Link Software, and now I have no problem taking someone step by step through the process of creating a marketing campaign.