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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

What is Cross Media Integration, and How Can it Help You?

Media Link Software was designed out of necessity, because company President, Natalie Linville-Mass, could not find the software to do what she needed to run her agency. Whether you are a large advertising firm or a small boutique, cross media integration is a feature to help you run your agency more effectively.

Before Natalie founded Media Link Software, she found other media-buying platforms were laser-focused on one particular type of platform, usually broadcast. That is great if all you do is broadcast buys. However, most of us work in full-service agencies or marketing departments and need to be equipped with tools to evaluate and present options for television, cable, print publications, radio, social media, and more. So, Media Link Software offers our Cross-Media Report, which combines all these elements and offers a concise view of each platform, to show you reach, frequency, and CPM metrics.

Buying and evaluating multiple media formats in a campaign, sometimes called a media mix, is a campaign which includes traditional media formats such as newspapers, radio, TV, billboards, as well as internet-based media such as search, display, social media, as well as other digital video and audio options. As Chron reports, “Combining these channels in a media mix enables you to communicate in the most effective way with different types of customers and prospects at different stages of the purchase decision.”

We believe in offering clients an educated view of what they are getting from their agency. So, Media Link Software was designed to help you share your information in a clear and succinct manner with our Cross-Media Reports. If you have not tried it out yet, contact us to schedule a free one-on-one demonstration of the software.