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What to Watch Out for in 2019

2018 has been a transformative year for media buyers and marketers, and 2019 will certainly not be different. Even though we cannot predict the future, we did collect a couple of our favorite articles to help you be prepared for what is likely to happen this year:



CMO focuses on the analytical side by highlighting data-driven creativity, personalization, and account-based marketing.


Digital Marketing Institute

This article focuses on digital marketing trends, including audience shifts within Facebook/Instagram, Emails, and Voice Interaction.



This article focuses on 10 general trends, including the utilization of chatbots, the rise of generation Z, and the emergence of vertical video.



This article approaches ethical topics like the governance aspect of social data insights and value-based marketing.


Social Media Today

This article focuses on content marketing trends like the emergence of micro influencers, short stories, and brand storytelling.


Feel free to let us know your 2019 predictions!