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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

A Year of Updates in Review

We at Media Link Software™ are proud about our commitment to listening to the needs of our clients. This feedback allows us to make Media Link Software™ more customer-friendly and make sure it is up to the highest standards. We believe every little improvement makes a difference, so we wanted to look back at a few selected changes made in 2016.

  • We began the year by restructuring how boards in Outdoor are sorted
  • We made several improvements in our cross media reports section for ease of use.
  • We added a feature to be able to create a program from within an order without having to add an avail first. This allows orders to be duplicated quickly while changing minor details of the campaign.
  • We updated our tables and added a sort function to our Outdoor campaigns making it easier to organize.
  • We improved the general structure of Media Link Software™ to give an increased efficiency of the overall software.
  • We added additional Show/Hide buttons on our orders for every advertising medium. You can now better customize what you want vendors and clients to see on your reports.
  • We split statistical columns like CPM and GRP in Outdoor and Publication for ease of use.
  • We added show/hide options to every medium’s order to speed up the process of creating long-term orders.
  • We updated Gross Impressions calculation to better reflect demographic information in all calculations.
  • We hyperlinked vendor email slots, so the user can send the vendor their report by clicking on the address from the order print preview.

We thank our clients for their input and trust in Media Link Software™.   2016 has been a productive year and we cannot wait to see what 2017 will bring!