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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Customization Options in Media Link Software

Once your company signs a license agreement for a subscription to our software, you will enjoy the ability to customize the software to your agency’s needs.    Under the vendors tab, you are able to input all of your vendors.  This includes TV stations, radio stations, outdoor billboard companies and internet sites.  Once this information is input, it remains there to be either used to create campaigns or to be modified as information changes for these companies.

MLS - Screenshot (Outdoor Vendor Edit - 10-17-13jpg


You can also add your client’s information.  Once this information is input, it is also permanently stored for use in creating ad campaigns.  This information is also available to be edited as you need too.

You can also create your own custom markets with our system.  It doesn’t matter how large or small your universe is for your campaign.  We can either pull the numbers from Arbitron or Nielsen or from a module we set up with the U.S. Census Bureau.

Up to three users are included in the regular price of Media Link Software™, with the opportunity to add more for a small monthly fee.  If you gain or lose an employee, you can easily add or delete with the click of a few buttons.

MLS - Screenshot (Users Edit) - 10-17-13

Once you provide your company logo, our programmers upload it and it shows in your system.

Although we have several built-in printable orders and reports, your company may use other forms of measurement.  With Media Link Software™, you are able to export any table and save it as an Excel spread sheet.  For example, your supervisor wants an excel list of all TV stations.  Rather than taking a screen shot, you export this table and send it to her!

MLS - Screenshot (Customer Edit) - 10-17-13jpg

Finally, we are also able to integrate Media Link Software™ with your accounting system for most systems; just one more way we make our software work for you!

We do need to mention that with your purchase, you will also receive free training.  We will take you through every step of the process and will be here afterward to answer any questions as you start using the software.