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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Agency Discount Rates

Amongst Media Link Software’s® more recent updates was a remodeling of how the system handles agency commission/discount rates. Most media buyers that operate out of agencies are paid based upon the volume of the buys being placed rather than an hour fee. In turn, many vendors selling advertising space provide equivalent discounts to the agency.

The inspiration for the upgrades we added to Media Link Software® came as we encountered more scenarios under which an unusual commission/discount rate may have needed to be applied that is different from the default. Perhaps it’s such a small buy that it warrants a higher number, or a particular client has negotiated a lower number, or you have different numbers for each region. If those are coming into play it’s nice to see the different gross and net rates for each proposal/order and how they change the Cost per Point and Cost per Thousand calculations.

This is just the latest in a series of great ideas that our current users have brought to us for future development. As a small business, we enjoy having the personal touch to speak with and help all of our users regularly and are always looking to add to the “List of Good Ideas.” We’re not going to come up with every useful tool by ourselves and find it extremely useful to hear suggestions that can eventually be turned into a better version of MLS for us all.