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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

An Easy Learning Curve

Learning a new software system can be a daunting task, especially if you are learning a media buying software system.  I happen to be in that situation right now.

I’ve only been working at Media Link, Inc. for a month and using our ad buying platform, Media Link Software™, is a major part of my position.  I have experience using other media buying softwares but have been learning to operate our own proprietary system in the past month.  I can honestly say that Media Link Software™ is easy to pick up and much more user-friendly.  User-friendly is a big deal to me, as technology and I have our differences on occasion.

That’s the great thing about Media Link Software™; there aren’t major changes between the different mediums.  The way our system allows media buyers to input avails and set up a buy is cohesive throughout, so if you understand how to input avails into TV then you are able to do avails in radio, cable,  etc.

Like I mentioned previously, I have been here for about a month now and just had the opportunity a few weeks ago to  place my first full buy.  When working in Media Link Software™, I feel confident in what I am doing and in my abilities because of the ease of use that Media Link Software™ provides.  The technology savvy, the technology illiterate, and those of you somewhere in the middle (myself included) will find that Media Link Software™ is a software that makes sense.

Best Wishes,