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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Benefits of Software Licenses

We all remember going to a store and buying a CD with a specific management software. We
installed it, learned how it works (often using tiny booklets), and used it for a while. Returning
to the store to purchase a new version every couple of years was a standard process.

Now, software can be downloaded within minutes and updated the same way; however, the
need to pay for updates or patches has remained. Software providers even started selling very
basic versions to allow low pricing in order to lure clients into thinking they are getting a good
deal, but many people don’t realize the cost of constantly having to purchase add-ons and
updates – today’s true profit drivers.

We at Media Link Software® decided to use a licensing model, meaning you pay an annual fee
to use our services. This has major benefits!

Convenience & Agility
There is no need to download any files to your device that will slow down performance or take
up space. Everything you need is stored in the cloud making it available at any time, wherever
you need it. Gone are the times of accidentally deleting a file rendering the entire software
useless or losing all your work, because the device freezes or decides to perform an update.
Gone are the times when you forgot your laptop, but you need to look up information for a
meeting. Simply use your phone or someone else’s laptop to log into Media Link Software®.

Security & Cost
Another factor combines security and costs. There is no need to be concerned about viruses
affecting your data, because all information is stored in the cloud and safeguarded by
cybersecurity professionals. There is also no need to regularly check and install fixes, updates
and add-ons. These are applied to your license automatically and consistently. The main beauty
is this doesn’t require you to pay any additional fees! Software providers who truly care about
the end user provide excellent service from the beginning. Every license comes with a personal
training session from one of our staff members and further supporting documents are
embedded in the software itself, so there is no need to store (and find) any separate manuals
that will be outdated within half a year. Additional questions? Call our customer service who
will be more than happy to guide you through the new features.
Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 207-212-5465 if you would like to learn more about our
license system!