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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Streamline Your Digital Buys with Media Link Software®

We understand media buying demands precision, efficiency, and seamless integration across various platforms. Media Link Software ® is changing the game in the digital landscape, offering a digital module to help media buyers plan, execute, and analyze their digital buys. With these different digital capabilities, our software provides media professionals ease in navigating the complexities of digital advertising.

The foundation of our digital module has access to hundreds of digital platforms, like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. So, buyers can maximize their reach effortlessly, creating orders and proposals for buys, targeting specific audiences, and leveraging the strengths of each platform all in one place. Whether you are looking to target a niche demographic or casting a wide net, Media Link Software® is able to tailor your campaigns exactly how you want to enabling buyers to achieve their objectives efficiently.

Flexibility is a huge aspect of Media Link Software’s® digital module, giving buyers the ability to customize their campaign parameters to their specific needs. Whether it’s choosing from different purchasing metrics like Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Thousand (CPM), Cost per View (CPV) or tenancy, this software provides the versatility and control media buyers need to share all options with their customers.  This software’s flexibility gives buyers the ability to adapt to the evolving digital landscape and capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.

Another attribute we have added to our software is transparency in costs for digital buys. Our software delivers exact net and gross costs for all campaign buys, so you can make informed decisions and ensure accountability throughout your buying process. These integration capabilities don’t stop at just digital. Media Link Software® aligns all media buys with other campaigns such as outdoor, TV, radio, and publications, through our multi-platform reporting tool. This tool provides buyers with a comprehensive view of all media buys, allowing them to make data driven marketing decisions and maximizing campaign effectiveness.

Media Link Software’s® digital module shifts the typical way media buyers approach digital advertising. With many functions like customization, transparency, reporting, and integration, Media Link Software® can revolutionize the way media professionals plan, execute, and analyze their digital campaigns. Read more about our digital module here or sign up for a free demo!

Media Link Software can help digital media buyers create orders, reports, and proposals with access to platforms like Google and Facebook.