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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Agency Software Created by an Actual Agency

As agency professionals, we know one of the first questions we often ask clients is “What makes your product or service different than your competitors?” For Media Link Software®, this answer is the very core of our product. Media Link Software is a media buying platform created FOR agency professionals, BY agency professionals.

Media Link Software came into existence because of the needs of our company president, Natalie Linville-Mass. She is also the president of her own agency, Media Link, Inc. Natalie was frustrated with the limited options for media buying software. She just couldn’t find a software to fit her agency’s needs, so Natalie she developed her own media planning and buying software.

Naturally, Natalie had to hire professionals to code the software to do what we needed. She was never a software developer looking for a market. She was an agency professional looking for a software to suit her needs. Natalie was lucky to work with several brilliant programmers and developers to make our software a reality. Arthur Breur and his company, FireSpike LLC were instrumental in making Media Link Software a reality.

Each development within Media Link Software has always been with the needs of media buyers in mind. As one of the only media buying software solutions created by an agency, Natalie has insight into the business other developers didn’t understand. Yet, the mission of Media Link Software was not to just meet her Agency’s needs, but to have the flexibility to suit other agencies. Every agency has their own workflow, and making the software customizable was crucial.

The future of Media Link Software is tied to its past. As a software company owned and run by an agency, Natalie Linville-Mass keeps an eye on the trends in the business and has her developers make software updates as necessary. Even more important to the customer base is that Media Link Software talks to other agencies and listens to customers, so the software evolves to fit the ever-changing needs of agencies.