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Media Buying Software from MediaLink Software

Equal Treatment for Media

There are several media buying software options out there, but what sets Media Link Software™ apart from the rest of the pack?

Coming from a print and digital only background, I was used to seeing agencies track broadcast buys as well as radio and digital ads, but not print.   There really didn’t seem to be an easy and seamless way to track print, so my experience was that a lot agencies didn’t buy it.

Whenever I am purchasing anything, the first thing I consider is how easy it is to work with and how much does it cost?  Now that I am a marketing consultant for Media Link Software™, I am already impressed with its capabilities for buying and comparing all media, including, you guessed it, print!

Media Link Software™ uses industry standard formulas and is always striving to develop more precise formulas for increased efficiency. Reach, Frequency and CPP/CPM values are calculated for TV, cable, radio, publications, outdoor and online!  Our software and data capabilities make it easier to accurately track print campaigns, as well as the more traditionally used broadcast mediums.

It is easy to compare various media buys, as well as track their progress with a side by side comparison for impartial and transparent results.  For example, I can track a print campaign for a client in Boise, Idaho and it also can be compared to the TV and radio campaign in the same market.

Media Link Software™ was created for agencies BY an agency so all media can be compared in a stronger overall media-buying platform.  Please email us at to see a demonstration of how our software works.